Storytelling in English

  Caspar von Loerper Wintermärchen

Mark Bedford (Storyteller) and Caspar von Loeper (Storyteller and Märchenerzähler)

Storytelling Performances:

Animal Magic
age 4 – 6
Length: 45 minutes

The Wonder of Fairy Tales
age 6-9
Llength: 50 minutes

From Thor’s mighty Hammer to Apollo’s golden Chariot
age 9 – 11
Length: 60 minutes

Stories of Death and new Life
age: 11-14
Length: 60 minutes

Tales from the British Isles
age 14-18 / adults
Length: 60 minutes

Wisdom tales
age: 16 – 18 / adults
Length: 90 minutes including discussion

What is it, that Women Really Want?
Tales of the court of King Arthur, of Taliesin, the greatest Poet of ancient Wales, love and death in the Glens of Scotland and the happiest village in the whole of England.
Age: 15 and older / adults
Length: 90 minutes not including a short break

In addition we offer workshops, where children have an opportunity develop their own stories


Mark Bedford has performed as a professional storyteller for 15 years. He has specialised in storytelling in education, working in schools across the UK.

Caspar von Loeper  has performed internationally to a wide range of audiences and is now leading the storytelling part-time training “Die Kunst des Märchenerzählens” in Berlin.

For storytelling Performances in German click here . . .


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